Purveyors of magnificent opportunity

Today’s retailers face more challenges than ever as competition grows fiercer and customers become smarter. A fluid economic climate combined with a dynamic retail landscape requires new solutions that can keep pace with change using innovation to drive sales and realise cost savings.

Digital signage is increasingly being leveraged by retailers to bring a new dimension to their traditional retail settings, helping to visualise offerings, stimulate customer purchase intent and manage display and contents with ease.

Key features

Feature 1
  • Indoor/outdoor LED/LCD signage in a wide range of sizes.
  • Guaranteed brightness and reliability
  • The world's slimmest videowall (1.6mm bezel depth)
Feature 1
  • Multiple application formats (standalone, videowall, outdoor, e-board)
  • Advanced specialty products (mirror, half-mirror, stretch and square signage)
  • Embedded hospitality display content management solution for IP and cable infrastructure
Feature 1
  • Advanced management solutions to streamline display monitoring and control
  • Remote management and network scheduling
  • Reduced TCO