Creators of discernible difference

The hospitality industry is undergoing tremendous change. Hotel operators require simplified display and content solutions, often across multiple locations, to meet the ever-growing needs of guests who expect a seamless digital and content-rich experience from the moment they walk into reception.

Evolve offers hotel digital signage, hospitality display solutions and personalized in-room entertainment systems that deliver real-time information and superior content.

Digital transformation is disrupting traditional business models as operators face the challenge of unprecedented competitive pressures to satisfy the needs of an emerging, highly-influential type of guest – the digital native.

Key features

Feature 1
  • A wide range of digital signage to meet specific market needs from luxury/boutique to multi-site hotels
  • Highly-robust outdoor digital signage for high-impact branding
  • Advanced specialty products (mirror, half-mirror, stretch and square signage)
Feature 1
  • Sophisticated hospitality display design with real metal bezel
  • World's slimmest videowall (1.6 mm bezel) and slimmest standalone signage
  • Embedded hospitality display content management solution for IP and cable infrastructure
Feature 1
  • Simple two-step videowall installation and configuration
  • Advanced management solutions to streamline display monitoring and control
  • Remote management and network scheduling